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OÜ KIRKLAND was founded in 1994. Starting from when the business was established, we have conti-

nued collaborate with Estonia’s largest retail chains, including Selver, Tallinn Department Store, Prisma,

Maxima, the Central Society of Estonian Consumers Co-operatives (ETK) as well as many other Estonian

child care nstitutions and toy stores. OÜ KIRKLAND’s product selection includes a multitude of educatio-

nal toys and study puzzles, musical instruments, role plays, model cars etc.

OÜ KIRKLAND is an importer of the well-known brands Bruder, Siku and Larsen. In November of 2012,

our Internet based toy store Mängulaegas.ee opened its doors, boasting the widest selection of products

from the above said brands as well as a variety of other brands.

Kadaka tee 54, Tallinn 12915 Tel: 6 532 598 e-Mail: kirkland@kirkland.ee